Posted on Tue Jun 16th, 2015 @ 11:50pm by Captain Talloc Hagen & 1st Lieutenant Kestra Graxx

Mission: S01E04: Dark City
Location: ISS Vanguard: Captains Day Cabin
Timeline: Current

Talloc watched as the Raiders left the Vanguard's hangar, circling around the ships obsidian hull before going to warp towards Corvan. He knew that it was a risk sending so many small craft without their mothership to the lawless planet, but he also acknowledged that the Vanguard was to valuable to risk being in orbit of a planet who's motives could not be guaranteed.

Corvan had always been a home of warlords and crime syndicates, with no one government to negotiate with meant that having a ship as large and tactically important as Vanguard in orbit generated to much risk.
Unfortunately that same ship, the fact that its construction almost bankrupted the Rebellion which was part of the reason why the ship was in its current circumstance, hunting supplies and spare parts on one planet he knew the Alliance would never tread.

"Your worried, aren't you, sir," came the voice of the ram-rod straight officer standing at the entrance to his day cabin.

Talloc looked over his shoulder as Kestra kept her position and nodded slowly, "She is protected, they know what they have to do. But yes, I have never liked her being that far away."

Kestra stiffened slightly, "Understandable sir, Imzadi's have that effect on people." Noticing the captain didn't want to dwell, she changed the subject, "The teams know what they are to do, and we are in constant communication with them."

Talloc nodded, with Kid picking up on the leads left by the past investigation while ensuring that the protection details sent with the ground parties did their job. All the way down to the Vanguards' Engineer and Medical teams looking for supplies and spare parts.

It didn't help for the captain to feel vulnerable. Having so many members of his crew on a planet where Free Terrans have disappeared, he couldn't help but be concerned.
Turning, the officer pressed a button on his desk, "Bridge, what is the ETA of the Raiders?"

"The Raiders will reach Corvan in eight hours. We have been keeping a constant sensor lock on the Raiders, as well as keeping search for any Alliance signatures."

Talloc nodded before looking up at Kestra, "Understood, keep me appraised, Out."

Kestra took a step towards Talloc, unclipping the front of her tactical harness, an act she normally did when she picked up the captain's unrestrained emotions. "Sir, you have eight hours, of a ship that is on station, dwelling on the away mission isn't going to help things, but you have a crew that look to you for confidence."

Talloc turned to face his bodyguard, the only other Betazoid on the ship, "You are lucky that I can tell your motives, Kestra, otherwise I would suspect that you may be after Tira's position by my side."

Kestra blushed slightly, "While I have thought of it, sir, to be frank, you simply are not my type, the Lieutenant, however is a different story."

The Captain shook his head before sitting at his desk to read over status reports.