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Posted on Wed May 13th, 2015 @ 6:37pm by Captain Talloc Hagen & Lieutenant Tira'Ridala nev-Theyla

Mission: S01E04: Dark City
Location: ISS Vanguard: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Talloc stood in front of his command chair as the streaks of stars on the view screen reverted to normal space. Before them was the small Green orb of Corvan. Talloc had ordered Slade to bring the ship out of warp well outside Corvan's planetary system to protect the ship from any unseen threats. Primarily, Talloc realised that while the Vanguard was an impressive warship and could potentially hold its own against whatever the lawless planet threw at them, the Vanguard held no authority over the planet and Talloc really didn't want to bring the ship into a system where its sole existence and display of Imperial Iconography could have gotten them destroyed.

He looked over to the science station and his consort seated there, "What is on long range sensors?" he ordered, crossing his arms over his chest, while he wanted to be on the away mission, he knew he would have to contend on being on the command deck of three hundred tonnes of state of the art starship.
Tira looked at her instruments, "Nothing remarkable, there is a lot of space traffic around Corvan, though nothing of the tonnage even remotely close to the Vanguard though. No Alliance signatures on any range."

Talloc nodded, dropping the Vanguard on the planet probably would have caused some problems and it would not have been easy to hide amongst the traffic.
"Inform the Raider Flight to depart. Keep track of them, and stay at Battle Alert, I do not want any surprises while we are here."

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