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Posted on Sat May 23rd, 2015 @ 5:59pm by Major Alistair Flagg & Lieutenant William Slade

Mission: S01E04: Dark City
Location: ISS Vanguard: Flight Deck
Timeline: current

Al stood on the flight deck, a line of Raiders sat waiting for their deployment down to Coridan, he noticed the increase in marines milling around his flight deck loading equipment and supplies on the Raiders tasked with bringing the engineering and medical teams down to the planet to acquire supplies as well as the investigation team. Al noticed that there was an extra raider- his- that was being loaded as well, an interesting concept considering that only three Raiders were allocated to the mission.

It then dawned on him that the Girty Lue would be used if it all went to hell while down on the lawless planet.
"Oh great, and I'll be flying into that," he muttered as he directed his pilots to get into position before he noticed an officer wearing neither a pilots jumpsuit or marine fatigues.

"Ahh Lieutenant Slade, how much time have you logged in the sim? You ready for this?" the veteran pilot asked while grinning.

Will had not been on the flight deck a hot minute when the Major approached. Slade returned the smile and answered, "Actually sir, I've spent quite a bit of simulator time most of which was done during my stay at Terok Nor while I waited until my assignment here on the Vanguard. However to be honest I spent most of my time in star ship flight training rather than raider training in preparation to pilot either the Defiant, The Independence, or of course the Vanguard." Still smiling he finished with "I suppose I got the best out of the three here though!" Then as Will turned to approach the shuttle he would be piloting he added enthusiastically...." And OH YEAH I am ready for this....Sir."

Al shook his head while smiling, he was going to like Slade, "Well the Raiders handle pretty much like a starship, they are just a tad more responsive. you should be fine down there," he remarked before removing a PADD from a pocket in his flightsuit, "Okay people we should be already ready for launch why is everyone still grabbing their asses for?" he turned back to Slade, "Your looking after the Infinite Valor, that's the third Raider on the deck."

"Gotcha", Will remarked as he made his way to his assigned craft.

Al looked around the hangar as the teams started to arrive. "Okay people lets get going, we have things to do."


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