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Laying in the course...

Posted on Mon Apr 27th, 2015 @ 1:18pm by Lieutenant William Slade

Mission: S01E04: Dark City
Location: Bridge,ISS Vanguard
Timeline: Just after the staff briefing

Will exited the briefing room with a new purpose. He quickly strode across the short distance from the briefing room doors to his duty station at the helm on the bridge.
He promptly relieved the officer currently at the con and then took the seat. As he punched in the coordinates for the Coridan he could not helm but let his mind wonder back to the briefing. The captain had said he would not be surprised to run into Imperial officers hiding there. He hoped the if he were fortunate enough to come across one or two of said imperial officers they hopefully would have some new info on the possible where abouts of a couple of his old freinds that had been missing since the fall.

He also thought about the fact that the XO was not present at the staff meeting...That in itself was quite unusual. Except Will then realized...He had not seen hide nor hair of the odd scantily dressed Vulcan XO in some time. It was as if he just vanished into thin air... Of course Will had become used to officers just vanishing on this ship. To him it just meant that the post was most likely vacant and now there was an opportunity for advancement! Will the decided he would have a conversation with the captain at his earliest convenience and discuss this possible advancement.


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