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A Conversation

Posted on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 1:52am by 1st Lieutenant Kestra Graxx & Captain Kid "Vicious" Sharpe & 1st Lieutenant Avara Indriss

Mission: S01E04: Dark City
Location: ISS Vanguard: Security Office - Chief of Millitary Operations Office

Avara sat across from Kid, her arm held palm up between his legs, held still by his knees. With a gentility he showed to no-one else, he dug around inside her arm, sorting and sifting looking for the culprit. The incision on her forearm revealed an unusual internal anatomy. Gently pushing aside the cybernetic muscle tissue Kid was confronted with a long line of grapheme Nerve. Kid was guessing that this would be the cause of her twitching, but he wanted to be certain and so reached for the diagnostic tool.

Kestra looked down at the padd she was carrying as she manoeuvred around bodies while heading to the Military Operations Centre. Like all members of the Captain's Elite Guard, Kestra wore the black fatigue uniform that while cut like the Marine fatigues, set her apart from the other Marines. She had an after-action report on the Station deployment. Approaching the door, she entered the Operations Centre and proceeded immediately to the Commanders office, pressing the door chime when she reached the threshold

"Enter" Kid said without looking up, his attention on Avara's arm, his mind focused on the task at hand. The complexity of a normal biological's limb was already extreme. Add in cybernetics on top and you increase the complexity by magnitudes. Kid often wondered at the wisdom of attempting to infuse cybernetics. Biological life forms were a delicate and elegant balance between speed, power, efficiency and robustness. Cybernetics often failed to meet all of these criteria, and as such ultimately failed in many respects. Avara's cybernetics however were the best Kid had ever seen. Avara was faster, stronger, and more robust than most other cybernetics, and of the few who surpassed her, none did so in more than one area.

Kestra entered the office and stopped as soon as she saw what was taking place. Kestra had heard the stories about androids, the abortive attempts made nearly a century ago when it came to artificial life. That momentary pause was overruled by the fact that Avara gave off the same mental impression that any other living person did. "Cybernetics" she murmured under her breath before coming to attention. "Captain, I have a copy of my after-action report on the Station deployment for your consideration."

"Put it on the desk," Kid said, using a probe to move two wires aside, "Also hand me that." he added, pointing to a tool on his desk.

Kestra nodded slightly before picking up the required tool with her free hand, before placing the padd on the desk. Approaching the opposite side of the desk where the two were sitting. Passing Avara, Kestra handed the tool to the Captain.

Standing once more at attention, Kestra looked forward. "Is that all, sir?" she asked.

"No, I need your help." Kid replied inserting the probe the lieutenant had handed him, he explained "This is a trilateral wave probe. It analyses the wave formation radiating from the immediate cybernetic tissue. When the synthetic muscle flesh is damaged the wave formation would present as anomalous. I've already programmed in the expected wave formations, so all this does is determine if the synth-flesh is anomalous." Kid waited while the probe performed it's sensor readings.

Kestra raised an eyebrow before picking up the device, "Im a soldier, wouldn't it be better to get an engineer or a doctor to help you with this? I mean sure my spine isn't bone anymore but do you think I know how to maintain it?"

Kid looked up from his task, "You're handing me tools, and watching, and if you're sharp, learning a little about something not many people understand." Kid replied, "An engineer, or a doctor may be able to help, but chances are they'd see Avara here as a puzzle they want to unravel. As a soldier you are more likely to see this as maintaining important and valuable kit." Kid explained before turning back to his task. The wave readings were all in order, that meant that the problem wasn't related to the muscles.

Kestra let out an understanding sound before sitting on the opposite corner of Sharpes desk to get a closer look, "So... what are you doing?"

"Note how Avara's index finger is twitching." Kid explained, "We are searching for the cause, the most likely, and easiest to fix, is necrosis in the synth-flesh, It happens on occasion and the treatment varies depending on the size of dead flesh. For a small section of affected flesh, you can simply excise it and the surrounding flesh will heal over the injury, just like normal flesh. Larger sections require replacement with a thin sheet of seed flesh which will quickly grow to the suitable size. The device you just handed me tests the synth-flesh to determine if necrosis is present. Unfortunately it came up negative so we have to assume that the issue is more complicated." Kid held out the Device to Kestra and said, "On the desk is another device that looks similar to this, It has a hook on the end of the probe, could you please pass it to me."

Kestra nodded before picking up the device in question and held it out to him, "This one?" she asked before watching the procedure, "Does the Captain know?"

"Yes that's the one," Kid said, taking the new device, he leaned forward and pierced Avarra's flesh, just above the shoulder blade where he knew a nerve cluster to be. "The captain know's everything that happens on this ship." Kid replied, "He had access to all of my data when I boarded, and if he chose not to bring it up then I must assume that he felt it unimportant." The readings on the nerve cluster came back, it seemed he'd found the issue. "Ahh the nerve cluster." he said. Removing the probe he handed it back to Kestra, then grabbed a small table he would need to hold all of his equipment required to replace the defective part.

Kestra nodded, Kid was correct, if there was a concern the Captain would have said something. "How often do you have to do this kind of maintenance?" she looked over to Avarra realising that she was talking to the Captain as if she was a machine, "How long has this been an issue for you?"

"Maintenance is an as needed affair, usually fairly sparse, but if I get repeatedly injured or am overworking the tissue the degradation is increased. Early on, when I was still in training and selection, I used to need weekly maintenance. These days, I usually get by with six months in training and monthly during heavy mission periods." Avarra responded, as always practicing the mind fogging techniques she had been taught while outwardly seeming to be contemplating methods of murdering the Betazed officer. "As for how long, suffice to say I was very young."

Kestra raised an eyebrow, before looking at the woman in front of her. While it was obvious that Avarra did not like the fact that Kestra was present and could see her in this vulnerable state. Though the Betazoid could almost tell that the desires to kill her were simply a front. Rolling her eyes, the Captain's bodyguard looked back at Kid. "Will she be ready by the time we reach our destination?"

"She can fight now if she want's," Kid said, finnishing arranging the tools, "But since the operation is relatively simple, we can complete it in the next five minutes, observe." Kid said focussing on his work and picking up a scalpel.

Kestra watched until she heard a summons from the captain over the intercom, ordering her to the bridge. "Well duty calls," she remarked before bowing slightly and leaving the room.


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