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Lieutenant William Slade

Name William Thomas Slade

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Terran
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 255
Hair Color Dark Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Will is in pretty good shape considering he had spent the majority of his last 15 years give or take a few either as a prisoner war or on the run from the Alliance as well a sleazy sympathizers and greedy bounty hunters. So while his stamina was constantly improving his physical appearance was lacking at times .


Spouse Martina Slade- deceased
Children William Thomas Jr.- Deceased.
Father Markus Slade- Deceased
Mother Marina Clevinger,Slade-Presumed deceased
Brother(s) Aries Slade-MIA-Possible POW.
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview William is what would be called today a Purist/Restorationist and he is NOT shy about it. Some 30 years ago the glorious empire that had been so good to Will and his family was forever changed when the vulcan known as Spock not only ascended to the Imperial Throne as the first non-human to hold the title of Emperor. He also almost single handedly destroyed the once great and powerful Terran Empire.

Once this had occurred Will, his family and just about every one they knew at that time came to the same conclusion....It was bad for the empire. They were right. Just a few short years into the Vulcan's rule he had made so many "Alterations" to the empire that it was practically defenseless when the klingon/cardassian alliance attacked and decimated the empire. However during that terrible time Will lived in an area on earth that simply did not recognize any alien as ruler of the empire. So Will's attitude towards aliens as whole is even more disdainful that most other Terrans simply because he feels the empire and everything he held dear was taken away by Aliens.
Strengths & Weaknesses S=Loyalty to the empire,friends and family.
W=His outspoken ideas and opinions about the current state of the Terran Resistance.
Ambitions To command his own ship in the NEW TERRAN EMPIRE.
To see the FULL restoration of the TERRAN EMPIRE.
Hobbies & Interests History,Weapons and star ship design.

Personal History Will was growing up during the final years of the Great Terran Empire. Wills father was a star ship captain in service to the empire. Whenever it was possible Will's father would take him aboard his ship and teach him to fly the mighty ship as well as learning a multitude of other duties as well. Will enjoyed his time with his father, he was a real hero in young Will's eyes. Will's father lost his life to a Klingon warrior during a mission that was supposed to end with the Klingon empire as a new "Ally" to the Empire....It failed. Unfortunately Will's mother died of a "broken heart" upon hearing of her beloved husbands death. Those were Will's first "real losses" to the Alliance and he NEVER forgot it. It was shortly after Will's parents deaths that he followed his older brother into the Imperial service.
Will spent his teen years in the Imperial Star Fleet Academy. He was following in his families greatest tradition. During his time at the academy he also met the woman that would become his wife and bear him a son. A short time before his graduation at the top of his class at the academy he saw the begining of the end for the empire. He first assignment strait out of graduation as a lieutenant junior grade. was to the ISS Kahn the 1st as tactical officer.

The Kahn the 1st was recalled to earth for a specific mission. Upon arrival at earth Will soon discovered that his beloved wife and their young son were both killed when a Cardassian warship attacked the luxury line they were traveling on and utterly destroyed it. Will was devastated. Will then decided to take a little time off and do his mourning, When sufficient time had past he re entered service and was reassigned to the I.S.S. Custer. He was happy to take the assignment as it would take him to the location of space where the liner that his wife and child were on but the ship that had attempted a rescue, The ship his brother was serving was destroyed and most of the crew were taken as POWs. With all the Alliance had taken from him he had developed an even stronger reason to hate ANYONE who was not human as well as anyone who assisted the Alliance in any way.
Service Record I.S.F.Academy-4 years (fast tracked) Cadet- ensign.
Academy instructor-2 years,Tactical and star ship manuvers-Ensign.
I.S.S. Kahn the 1st- 3 years- Tactical officer-Lieutenant Junior Grade.
I.S.S. Custer-3 years-Tactical officer-Lieutenant.
I.S.S. Custer-3 years extension-Tactical officer/Executive officer-Lieutenant.