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1st Lieutenant Kestra Graxx

Name Kestra Anne Graxx

Position Bodyguard

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m
Weight 56kg
Hair Color Blonde- Long, Shaved over Left hand side
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kestra is a thin, muscled woman with pale skin and dark blonde hair that reaches just below her shoulders and is shaved to the scalp on the left hand side, and has a series of vine tattoos on her scalp. She is attractive and were it not for her demeanour, she probably would have more admirers.

Like many Betazoids the irises of her eyes are completely black.
Aside from this she has no other noticeable features and deformities
Medical During her service apart of the Betazed Home Guard, she was tasked with leading a force to put down an uprising orchestrated by Terran slaves and their sympathisers. During the subsequent fire fight she was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by a projectile weapon, she was deemed unfit for military Service after this period while she completed six months of intensive spinal regenerative surgery that managed to restore her most of the feeling and abilities of her lower extremities.

Aside from this she has no other medical issues


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Talis Graxx (living, Opal City Betazed)
Mother Maxine Graxx (living Commander, ISS Icarus)
Other Family Jevana Graxx (Daughter of the Seventh House of Betazed, holder of the Sacred Dagger of Hestus, General in the Betazoid Defence Force: Betazed, Alliance Occupation Forces)

Natalie Travis (Slave)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kestra being an heir of the Seventh House of Betazed is well trained in the arts of warfare and telepathic combat, but is a product of Betazoid subjugation, having lived as a vassal of the Terran Empire and then a subject of the Klingon Cardassian Alliance. Despite of this she is more than willing to use those abilities should the need arise.

She is strict for a junior officer and isn't afraid of rank to point out breaches to protocol.
Kestra will not speak about her time before joining the Rebellion as she considers it a dark part of her life.
Kestra is a cold calculating woman who plays things very close to her chest.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Due to her place in the Seventh House, Kestra has impressive hand to hand combat skills and enhanced military training Major strengths are that she can think quick on the spot and use objects that normally are useless to her advantage.
Due to her time at the Peacekeeper Academy, she has good empathic and telepathic abilities. Like every Betazoid she is able to communicate with other telepathic species with ease.

Kestra occasionally feels spinal twinges in her lower back, a side effect from her surgeries.
She can become sidetracked if she's heavily engrossed in a topic that she is interested in.
When around other Betazoids, she can become very reserved, and try not to garner their attention.
Ambitions To be able to return to Betazed with honour and dignity
Hobbies & Interests Betazoid Art
Tactical Drill
Strategy Simulations

Personal History Kestra was born on the 22nd of October near the Opal Sea on Betazed to Talis and Maxine of the Seventh House, a noble house responsible for leading the armies of Betazed.
The Seventh House of Betazed is the House of House of Courage, members of this house have been filling the ranks of Betazed’s military since the start of recorded history, her family is also keeper of the Dagger of Hestus, which has always been passed down to the first born daughter which would eventually end up being given to Kestra.
Her Aunt Javana is the current head of the Seventh House, but it falls to Kestra, as the sole female heir as her aunt and mother had previously only had sons, Kestra was thrust into the traditions and customs of her house, much to her chagrin; she never understood the pomp and circumstance associated with it. The only highlight of this was that she got to meet the other children of the Noble houses. For Kestra, she knew little of the crumbling spectre that was the Terran Empire, aside from old stories from her father as she grew up during its twilight and subsequent fall.

When the Alliance liberated Betazed, Kestra was still in her teens, for her the only change to this was the addition of Terran Slaves to her retinue, an interesting factor considering only a few years before, her family were answering to them. As she grew up, she was given a Terran Slave of her own, a young girl named Natalie who was given to her to act as a playmate and attendant. The two grew very close during this time

When she was old enough, Kestra attended the Peacekeeper Academy to hone her telepathic abilities for her eventual appointment to the Betazed Defence Force. During this time, Kestra and Natalie began a secret, scandalous love affair, knowing that if the knowledge of their tryst became public it would spell an end to Kestra's military career.

While at the Academy Kestra was tasked with leading a squad to put down growing unrest amongst the Terran Slave population on the planet. The resulting firefight was bloody, with many killed on both sides. Kestra was shot in the spine by a projectile weapon, severing her spinal cord and paralysing her from the waist down.

Sent home from the Academy, her career effectively over, she spent the next six years trying to relearn how to walk while undergoing painful excruciating surgeries to return some function to her body. During this time, her relationship with Natalie flourished behind the scenes while she worked administrative posts within the Defence force.

Her perfect world fell apart almost as soon as she began to have normal function and movement return to her lower body as Alliance Agents became aware of her relationship with Natalie and had her executed as a Rebellion spy, Kestra, now implicated in a plot to overthrow the Alliance Intendant, lived a precarious life, until using her own assets made contact with the Rebellion, in particular the Resistance forces of Major Talloc Hagen and his Tormentors who operated within the Betazed system.

In a daring raid, Talloc evacuated Kestra from her family compound, delivering her to Terok Nor. The wealth of Alliance intelligence at her disposal proved her invaluable to the Command.