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Site status update

Posted on Wed May 13th, 2015 @ 5:39pm by Captain Talloc Hagen

Hey gang.

after two months, Captain Sharpe and I have managed to figure out a fix for the posting problem.

The issue is that we have to put everyone on moderation to get it to work.

Its because freemail addresses are getting flagged as spam when you post to the mailing list.

So that essentially means that everything else will work (as long as there is less than 3 people in the post) but I will have to approve every post.

This of course only applies to people with Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail and the like email addresses, so if you don't have a freemail address you shouldn't have to be put on moderation as well.

So yes I know things have been slow because of this, but hopefully this will fix everything.

at least until the next version of Nova comes out


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Category: General News