Murder on USS-Shadow in Operations

Posted on Thursday November 9, 2017 @ 9:37am by Commander Joseph"Joe" Pike & Lieutenant JG

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Location: USS-Shadow

Deanna was at her operations station as usual, doing some configurations. She got a message from her comm badge that another Operations
officer was Murdered, she then called for the Excutive officer Commander Pike,on the computer comms to let him know about an Operations
officer that got murdered. It was sad to Deanna that an operations officer was murdered.

Joe had gotten the call, he stepped off the lift then walked onto the bridge "What is the problem Lieutenant?"

Deanna looked at Joe, "I just got word that another Operations officer was murdered here." Deanna sighed as she shook her head."And no it wasn't
me."she said.

Joe raised an eyebrow looking at the officer "And why wasn't I or the Captain informed first?"

Deanna looked at Joe, "I was about to tell,the captain,but i called you first, Sir." Deanna said. "I just think its awful." Deanna said.

Joe nodded "Yes that it is awful, so who was the officer?"

Deanna looked at Joe, " I'm not sure sir." Deanna said, I just got the message 15 mins ago." Deanna said.

Joe raised an eyebrow looking at the officer in front of him "So all you know is that an officer was murdered but not who?"

Deanna looked at Joe, "No sir i do not, like i told you before, I just learned of all this from my station where the message went to." Deanna explained

Joe nodded "Very well, I shall have an investigation started then."

Deanna looked at Joe,"Very well sir, if you need anything else , let me know," Deanna said to her chief operations..

Joe looked at her then nodded "I will Lieutenant."