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Hitting a Bulkhead

Posted on Friday October 6, 2017 @ 6:31am by Lieutenant JG Paige Yamaguichi MD

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Location: Sickbay - USS Shadow
Timeline: Concurrent with Present Mission

Lieutenant JG Paige Yamaguchi sighed softly as she regarded the nurse at the front desk. "Alright. Now that Ms. Rojas has been handled. I'm going to go back to the autopsy I was dealing with. I swear my work is never finished." the young woman growled softly.

"I hear ya, Doctor. I'll look after things out here." Petty Officer Slater responded with a gentle smile.

Yamaguchi sighed softly as she slipped on a pair of latex rubber gloves so she couldn't touch anything stupid. "Computer, begin recording," she said in an even tone of voice as she activated her tricorder that the young woman was presently holding in her left hand. "The deceased is Petty Officer 2nd Class, Michael Giles. He's from Engineering."

Yamaguchi paused as she narrowed her eyes. "Injuries are consistent with plasma burns and I noticed some gold flecks inside a long slash wound across his neck. I wonder, was he garroted as well as hanged or was he just hanged?" Yamaguchi asked aloud. "I don't have access to the crime scene," she added.

Yamaguchi continued with her medical examination of the deceased. She sighed as this mostly looked like a case of someone who had been dumped somewhere and the ship's systems would dispose of the evidence. "There is nothing new to contradict my original theory that the Petty Officer was murdered somewhere else and then dumped at the location where he was found."

Yamaguchi paused. "End recording." before she sighed softly, she gently grasped the bed and slid it back into the stasis unit, she then slid the hatch closed behind her. "I'm not getting anything from you Giles. You'll need to try another approach." and with that, Yamaguchi slipped off the gloves before she disposed of them in a garbage can before she went back into the main sickbay area.


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