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Posted on Thursday August 10, 2017 @ 6:05am by Captain Michael Hunt & Petty Officer 1st Class Malia Rojas

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Location: USS Shadow - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: After "Command Restored"

Captain Michael Hunt arrived at his ready room after he got the command of the Shadow back. He sat at his desk and activated his computer console. But he knew a faster way of being brought up to speed, "Captain Hunt to Yeoman Rojas, Report to my Ready Room."

Petty Officer 1st Class Malia Rojas was seated behind her desk in her office as she finished the last of her paperwork. "Ahh, saved by the bell," she commented quietly before the Hispanic woman tapped her comm badge. "I'm on my way, sir." as she rose to her feet and out the door, she went.

A few minutes later, the tall female reached her destination, she tapped the door chime and then went in. "You screamed milord?" Rojas smiled.

"Well, I wouldn't say 'screamed'. I need to be brought up to speed on what went on during the time I was relieved of command as far as ship operations," Hunt replied as he gestured for her to take a seat with his hand.

Rojas sat down across from him, a smile on her face as she almost put her feet up on the desk. "I don't take life too seriously skipper," Malia explained evenly. "As for events in your absence. Commander Pike handled things and very little actually happened," she explained. "The chef's chili cook-off is still scheduled for tomorrow afternoon." she quickly gave the skipper the rundown of the half dozen events still scheduled. "Fortunately the geeks haven't made us cancel anything."

"Good. Thank you, Yeoman," replied Hunt. He asked, "Anything I need to sign off on?"

She handed him four PADD's. "Security wanted to set up a firing range so their guys get some hands on experience," she explained. "Engineering wanted a large holiday ham, something about the summer solstice on Earth." she shook her head. "I don't get that one but then I'm not from Earth. I'm actually from Ballast." she paused a moment. "The third request was also from engineering, they wanted ten tons of sheet metal and the fourth was from Paige Yamaguchi. She wants your permission to reopen the forge that Commander Celeste Yamaguchi had originally set up during her time aboard."

"The young Doctor knows how to forge?" Hunt asked as he pressed his thumb to the first 3 PADDs to electronically sign them off and handed them back. He skimmed through them before doing so though.

"She does. Apparently, she said she could make some weapons for various people." she smiled. "I know of at least two space-faring civilizations in this region that judge you with the quality of your blades." the Hispanic female crossed her legs before she adjusted her skirt. "While the replicator tried hard, it's not going to be good enough. Hand forged would be the best for dealings with them."

"Then by all means. It's hers now," Hunt thumbed the last PADD, handing it back to the Hispanic young woman.

"Alright. I'll pass the word along. Also, the computer glitch has been found regarding the sick bay issue. Lieutenant Paige Yamaguchi's rank has also been resolved. " she handed him another PADD with the details about Lieutenant Yamaguchi being falsely promoted and her assignment as Chief of medical.

"Yeah, noticed that as I checked the duty roster. I got Operations to fix it already," Hunt signed off on the new PADD and handed it back.

"Well. Other than that. I have very little else for you." Rojas responded evenly. "Ship morale has taken a beating from recent events, sir. Maybe something to rebuild morale might help. People are talking about the murder skipper and some are afraid."

"Good idea. Schedule something fun for the crew. Thankfully at last report, it sounds like SCIS is closing in on a suspect. Hopefully, this will be all over soon," Hunt replied. He added, "Perhaps I'll make a ship-wide speech later."

"We can hope," Rojas responded with a smile. "There is a lot of rumors going around to add to the issues." she added. "mostly people blaming other people without facts."

"I'll Have to add damage control and dispelling rumors into my rousing speech," Hunt replied dryly.

"I will consider writing a speech for you," Rojas responded in a light tone.

"Thanks. If there's nothing else, you're dismissed Yeoman," Hunt replied with a smile.

Rojas nodded before she rose to her feet with the PADDs in hand, her next stop was clear. "Yessir." and with that, she turned and departed in silence.

Hunt smiled as he watched her leave. He went back to work on his deck console. He was glad to be back in command of his ship.


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