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Meeting the Chief Engineer

Posted on Wednesday July 26, 2017 @ 9:31pm by Captain Michael Hunt & Lieutenant Tam Erron

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Location: USS Shadow - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Evening of Lt. Erron's arrival.

Captain Michael Hunt spent the past couple hours being brought up to speed of what happened aboard ship during the nearly full day he was relieved of his duty and command. He read the reports to catch up. He still needed to officially welcome aboard his new Chief Engineer. He tapped his communicator, "Captain Hunt to Lt. Erron. Are you able to come to my ready room?"

"Erron here Sir," Tam said with a kind voice. As he waited for the reply from the captain. He gave his full attention to the call.

"Are you able to come to my ready room?" Hunt repeated the question.

"I am on my way Sir." as he tapped his comm badge to close the channel. He stopped what he was doing and moved to the nearest lift and headed to the bridge. A minute later he was on the bridge as he moved to the ready room door. As he tapped the chime.

"Enter," Hunt called out through the door.

A moment later the door open as Tam walking in "Reporting as ordered sir!" Tam said quickly to the captain.

"Welcome, Lieutenant! Have a seat. Would you like a drink?" Hunt asked as he smiled at the young man.

"Thank you, sir! A sweet tea with lemon. If it's not too much trouble sir!" Tam said with a small smile in return.

Hunt stood and went to his replicator, "One sweet tea with lemon and one Earl Grey, hot." The drinks appeared and Hunt handed Tam his drink before sitting back down, "Sorry I couldn't greet you in person, I was otherwise engaged. But none the less. Welcome aboard, Lieutenant!"

"Thank you, sir! I understand completely sir! I don't feel in any way neglected." Tam said politely. As he took a sip of tea.

"Glad to hear it," Hunt replied, sipping his tea. He asked, "So tell me about yourself. What made you accept the Chief Engineer position on the Shadow?"

"What would you like to know sir?" Tam asked. "I always had a mechanical aptitude. And it pulled me to an engineering direction. I used to repair auxiliary craft when I was home. From small boats to shuttle craft and small ships like a runabout. mostly inter-system vessels too.I rarely had the chance to deal with a warp capable ships or vessels till star fleet."

"Always the tinkerer, huh? Just so you know, this ship is equipped with a cloaking device. A gift from some Romulan 'friends'. Although we're only supposed to use it while helping the newly formed Romulan Republic with missions inside Romulan space. Think you can handle that bit of technology?" Hunt asked.

"I am always open to deal with new things," Tam said sincerely. "I am willing to take extra courses from the Romulan's to get a better understanding of the technology and hopefully gain more trust with them all."

"Glad to hear it. I can arrange to get a Romulan Tutor who specializes in cloaking devices for you if needed. Just let me know. Otherwise, I think my ship is in good hands," Hunt replied as he sipped his tea. He asked, "Any questions or concerns?"

"Just to be on a safe side, sir. I would like a tutor." Tam said with a smile. "And thank you, sir."

"I'll call Ambassador D'Nal Jorel and have that arranged. If there's nothing else, you're dismissed Lieutenant," Hunt said.

"Thank you, sir!" Tam said as he finished off his tea. as he stood and left the captains room as he moved over to the turbo lift as he got in and turned around as the doors closed. " Erron's accommodations." as the lift headed to its destination. Tam figured he better get settled into his new quarters before being bogged down with work. He knew this was for the best.

Captain Michael Hunt
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Tam Erron
Chief of Engineering


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