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Command Restored

Posted on Thursday July 20, 2017 @ 4:12pm by Captain Michael Hunt & Captain Odis Diggs

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Location: USS Shadow - Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Hours after the Interrigation

Captain Michael Hunt was in his quarters, reading a novel on a PADD with a glass of iced tea on the table to his side. It's been a while since he had enough time off to just read a book and he was going to make the most of the time off that SCIS gave him during their investigation.

He was interrupted by the door chime being pressed. He looked to the door and called out, "Enter!"

Supervisory Special Agent Odis Diggs walked in and looked at Mike, "You'll be glad to know that you've been cleared. You may now resume your duties and Command."

"I figured that's what you were here for," Mike replied.

"Oh. How did you come to that conclusion?" Diggs asked.

"One: I didn't do it. Two: There's no longer any guards posted outside my door," Hunt replied.

Diggs smiled as he looked behind himself to see nothing where a guard stood just a minute before when he released him from guard duty. He nodded, "If Starship Command doesn't work out for you, you'd have a real future in the SCIS."

"Thanks, but I'm fine right where I am. Starship Command suits me," Hunt replied with a smile.

"As you wish," Diggs replied. He then ordered, "Computer, restore command of the USS Shadow to Captain Michael Hunt."

The computer beeped as it replied over the shipwide intercom, "THE USS SHADOW IS NOW UNDER THE COMMAND OF CAPTAIN MICHAEL HUNT."

Cheers can be heard coming from down the hall from the crew members out there that could be heard through Hunt's open door because Diggs continued to stand in the doorway. Diggs smiled at Hunt, "The crew is happy to have their Captain back."

Hunt smiled as well as he put the PADD on the table and took the iced tea and downed the rest of the glass. He stood and placed it on the replicator then hit the recycle button.

With that, both men left the room. Hunt went directly to the Bridge. He's been off duty nearly the whole day and needed to be brought up to speed on the day's operational status of his ship. And welcome aboard his new Chief Engineer personally.


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