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Deanna play time

Posted on Wednesday September 6, 2017 @ 4:11pm by Lieutenant JG & Chief Warrant Officer Quantin Roberts

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Location: Quentin quaters
Timeline: Just after Deanna new mate

Quentin holding Deanna hand head her down the corridor from ten forward they where like a pair of teenagers almost running throght the corridor of the ship, they pass a group of other members of the crew who they wait to pass before Quentin swings Deanna into his arms and kisses her passionately holding her tight. Only braking off for air he runs his and over her bum squeezes it, letting go as a young ensign walks round the corner to where they where making out.

Quentin thinking on his feet before the moment was gone takes Deanna by the hand and leases her to his quarters. On opening the door the pair fail through it now again kissing just behind the door. There fingers locked Quentin with his back to the wall both arms slightly above his shoulders, Deanna pushing him against the wall.

Deanna was holding Quentin, tight and did not want to let go of him. She continued kissing him through out his quarters.

Quentin and Deanna stumbling through Quentin quaters they trip over his sofa braking the grip of the two of them Quentin ends up on his knees on the floor looking up at Deanna who was on the sofa her hair a mess from where Quentin fingers had been running through it. Quentin took in the amazing sight of the woman before him.

His eye line was right looking at her hips his head half way up her thights, he just looked at her, thinking go for it? His hands either side of her feet he runs first his left hand up her right leg then his right up her left to just below the bottom of her dress which was now only just covering her underwear. Quentin breaths and looks at Deanna waiting for a sign.

Deanna crawled to the floor and decided to have fun, with Quentin on the floor instead, she was like screw the bed lets have fun on the floor.

Quentin rolls with Deanna on the floor in each other's arms, kissing her on the neck as he starts to undo the zip on her dress. He rolls her on top of him, her legs either side of Quentin hips the bottom of her dress around her hips showing her lacy knickers.

Deanna slowly removes her dress over her head. Before she throws it over to one corner of the room. Her hair now a mess untidy she sits there on top of Quentin in just her bra and her knickers. She has a look in her eye a look of wanting. Quentin pulls her head down and kisses her.

Deanna kissed Quentin back the whole nite ,and was enjoying her time with him. she was nervous over if she should say I love you to him or what.

Quentin looks into Deanna eyes as they both lay there naked, it had been an amazing night. Every moment of to rushing through his mind over and over, he could feel the softness almost silk like feel of Deanna skin on his own. His eyes where drawn to the red marks on her neck where he had gotten a little heavy the night before.

Quentin was not sure what the time was, or how long they had been there or even how many times they had, had sex, all he know was he could not know where many of his clothes where but for some reason Deanna knickers where wrapped around one of his ankles. The two of them lay there together Quentin arms around Deanna. He waited, half bated breath, she had the look in her eye from the night before again, Quentin waited all he know this time was he wanted Deanna to enisheate the sex, she could have him, he was sure that she could feel he was ok to go. Just to hope she got the message me kisses her neck slightly.

Deanna looked at him with her gleeming eyes, and said to him. " You were the best guy to have sex with." she smiled at him,while caressing his face in bed."I never met anyone like you Quantin." Deanna said. " I forgot to ask you something, I hope you don't have a wife/girlfriend,after all we did tonight." Deanna asked.

Quentin looks deep into her eyes before starting to speek softly, "No there is no girlfriend, no wife. Just mostly the job. You where not bad yourself, a bit wild at times." He finishes with a smile her hand still on his cheek. The night had been amazing Deanna was amazing. He did not want it to end.

Deanna smiled,"No boyfriend, or husband here either." she got close to Quentin to kiss him on the lips."Does this mean we are a couple now?" Deanna smiled.

Quentin smiles at her takes her hand in his hand, before kissing her "I would say we are. Yes" he says kissing her, and holding her close under the covers.

Deanna smiles, "I like that alot." she smiled as she kisses back, and hold his hand.


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