Captain's Log, Stardate: 69112.3

Posted on Wednesday November 23, 2016 @ 7:35pm by Captain Michael Hunt

Captain Michael Hunt was standing at the window staring out into the stars, feeling down about how things turned out, guilty even. He sighed as he knew he needed to make a new log entry, "Computer, begin recording." The computer beeped to let him know it was recording.

"Captain's Log, Stardate: 69112.3; Since my last entry we've located and seized the SS Ursa Major and arrested their Captain and XO. They have sabotaged their vessel by removing critical engine parts for propulsion. Placing them on an escape pod and jettisoned it onto an asteroid. Clever on their part. We then began towing them. We got jumped by an Orion pirate ship. They disabled the Shadow and towed the Ursa Major away with Lieutenant Commander Pike, Major Zylyn and some of his Marines aboard her. We repaired the Shadow, but I ordered a bypass on the safety checks and it cost me both my Chief Helm Officer and XO, they both lay comatose in Sickbay with no way of knowing when or if they'll wake up again. We repaired the issue and did the quickest of safety checks before finding the Orion ship with a disabled tractor beam and the Ursa Major adrift. We locked onto her and fired everything we could at the Orions. They fled. I've come to an agreement with Captain Burns, releasing him and the Ursa Major. I launched 2 runabouts: San Juan and Concord to escort the Ursa Major to retrieve their engine parts and to make their delivery to Nashira Colony. I made Pike my Acting XO. Meanwhile the Shadow will be chasing down the Orions to send them a message that piracy will no longer be tolerated within the Federation. So far we've been keeping up with them, barely. I need to schedule me a session with my ship's counselor. End Log," Hunt reported.

He spent some more time just staring at the stars before he tapped his comm-badge, "Hunt to Granger. Counselor, can I see you in my ready room?"