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Ops Day

Posted on Friday February 28, 2014 @ 10:36pm by

/Log Begins

Didn't realise I'd be making another one of these so soon.
But then again many thing happen one expects the least eh.

/Log Paused
/Log Resumed

*sniff* To the subject of this log though. Happened to meet some of the people working in my department today. People worth the stripes on the collar if you ask me.
Anyone who checks in on their work before the clean-up is finished know their stuff. Or at least knows that some things don't work as planned.

Two people struck me out in particular today. Mostly, because I didn't have to do much talking. Unlike this damn log.

First, the ships Quartermaster. Chief McManus. Now here's a funny bloke. Not just figuratively. Seems he comes from a long line, of un-original names. I mean the tenth person? Glad I don't have that short of a lifespan.
But as to his humour. Seems he gets it from someone pre-United Earth, whom he's named after. Made crew living and uniform recycling sound like a Ferengi swimming in latinum.
Oh, note to self, whenever I feel down, have a bottle with him. Top bloke that one. Hope his work is as good as his jokes, which seem non-stop But if his service record says anything, the jokes aren't the only thing in good quality.

Second. Let's see. Oh yes, the quiet one. Petty officer Klein. If I wasn't a listener, I would say, she's a one track mind, that one. Her service record is, rather bland. But, meeting her at the transporter room, going over the technicians work. Well, I found she's more than that. The woman is ace at the controls. She was running simulations of the transport functions, and although seemed to have her head in the clouds, as Humans put it, I saw her...well, I wouldn't wish to play strategema against her.
Again, didn't have much to say. Neither did I. Seems watching her was all I needed. Although I'm more the pilot, if I didn't have a shuttle, I'd want her to do the transporting.

Eh. Who's at the door at this hour?

/Log Paused
/Log Resumed

Well I'll be. Reckon my half-Human side didn't see this coming. Turns out the two Operations members I was just talking about paid me a visit...together. Don't know how I missed it, but seems they're an item. Good on them.

Just reminds me that I'm alone though. Dammit.

Wonder if I got out in a thruster suit, to push this ship out, would it get underway sooner? One could only hope.
Hmm. Another note to self, training in emergency EVA's for crewmembers at a later date.

/Log ends


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