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Commander Joseph"Joe" Pike

Name Joseph"Joe" Pike

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft.5in.
Weight 265
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Short dark blonde hair,goatee,green eyes,scar on left side of forehead, well-bulit


Spouse Kempala Hurak,deceased
Children Joe Pike Jr (son)
Father Charles Pike, retired Starfleet Marine Colonel
Mother Sabra Pike, retired Starfleet Medical Officer
Brother(s) Daniel Pike,deceased
Other Family Leon Pike (cousin) Star Base 400
Jack Pike (cousin) USS New Hampshire-A
Sartak Pike (cousin)
Nathaniel Pike (cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Joe is from a family that has many members severing Star fleet for many,many years.

His uncles,cousins have severed in star fleet. Joe enjoys spending time with his relatives, really loves spending as much time with his son as he possibly can.

Joe in school always did good in his studies and most times got pretty good grades. Joe decided to join star fleet academy, opting to go for the Marines and make something of himself. Joe is very loyal to his friends and family and some say has a heart of gold, but when angered he's not very nice.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:Joe is a good hearted, hard nosed Marine who takes no crap from nobody and backs his marines 100%. He will do anything to help a friend

Weakness:Sometimes Joe's good heartness has gotten him in trouble and has been walked on by some people he thought where his friends.
Ambitions To become a General by age 45
Hobbies & Interests boxing,studying Klingon martial arts, listening to music, weight lifting, wrestling

Personal History Date Of Birth:
March 22 2351

Place of Birth:Chicago,Illinois-Earth

Training:Star Fleet Marine academy,advanced security school, Marine command school, Marine special ops training

Likes: Amerato,Romualn ale, cigars, Women

Dislikes: Borg,Jem Hadar,Fergiani,cheaters,scotch, Orion pirates

Languages:Federation Standard, Klingon, some Vulcan

Joseph Pike severed for many years aboard the USS Sentinel to Admiral Ward, he met and married Kempala Hurak. They had a son together who they named Joseph Pike Jr. Little Joe was kidnapped by Orion pirates and Kempala went in search for him but in turn was killed by the pirates. Joe and the House of Torg went in search of Little Joe, killing some of the pirates and also finding little Joe who know lives on Earth with Joe's parents.
Service Record 9/22/78-2380: Marine CO-USS Sentinel/CO 3/65 MAR.
11/28/78-Appointed TGMCO. Advanced to the Rank Of MCaptain.
Transferred to Task Force 38/Beta Group as MCO-USS Sentinel.Promoted to Lt.Colonel.
On Leave from Star Fleet from 2380-2382.
2382-2383 Severed on the USS Hood as Chief Security.(Lt.Colonel)
2383-2385 LOA
2385-2387 CO USS North America (Colonel)
2387 punched out his superior and reduced to the rank of Major and sentenced to 3 years in Star Fleet prison.
2390 switched to Fleet with the rank of Lt.Commander
2390-2390 USS Shadow as Chief Strategic Ops.
2390-present USS Shadow as Chief Security/Tactical
2390 became Second Officer aboard the USS Shadow
2391 Promoted to Commander and made First Officer aboard the Shadow.