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Season 2 - Episode 2

Posted on Monday October 5, 2015 @ 5:35pm by Captain Michael Hunt

Greetings Crew,

We are now finally wrapping up S2-E1!!! Getting ready to start S2-E2, those of you that earned promotions, they will take effect starting this mission. Thanks to those that stuck through the difficult transition. It should be easier to keep the flow going since we don't have to NPC characters of players that left anymore. Commander Maxwell is XO. Lieutenant Commander Pike is Second Officer with his current position as Chief of Security/Tactical. Major Zylyn is joining the crew as Marine CO (played by me) as well as a couple new comers to this sim Dennis as Lieutenant Rob Williams and Charlotte aboard to play a minor role as Ensign Anastasia Michaels the Media Relations Officer in the Diplomatic Department. Give them a warm welcome!

The Plot for the next mission is: While Starfleet is stretched thin with the threat of a new war with the Klingon Empire who is trying to conquer the shattered remains of what was Romulan Star Empire along with the Orion Syndicate, Naussiccans and the Gorn. The Shadow has been sent to put out a brush fire and get a Cargo ship to honor it's deal and deliver a cargo that is in great need by a Federation colony. The Federation Cargo ships have started striking because Starfleet isn't guarding the Federation shipping lanes. The Shadow's orders is to get the ship to the colony by any means necessary. But will Captain Hunt and his crew have to abandon their morals to get the job done?

Find out by joining us to play "Morals".

Captain Michael Hunt
Commanding Officer
USS Shadow


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