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Welcome to the USS Shadow

Welcome to the USS Shadow, NCC-85731 a Sovereign-class Starship. My name is Captain Michael Hunt, I am the Commanding Officer. This sim is a 18+ age restriction.

It's the year 2391, Romulus and Remus are no more and it's a time of change for the Federation and the rest of the Galaxy. The USS Shadow Starship operates in the Ares Sector of space, which lies close to Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, and Krazzle territory as well as open space and the unclaimed 'Triangle', home to Pirates and Criminals, has become key to the Federation's future.

If your looking for an adventure then the USS Shadow is the place for you. Please feel free to look around if you find something you like please join!


USS Shadow's Current Mission

S3E1: SCIS: There has been a murder committed aboard the USS Shadow. Starfleet Command has concerns about a Security Chief that has served time in prison investigating the crime. So they send a Runabout with a team of S.C.I.S. (Starfleet Criminal Investigation Service) Agents to come aboard and take over the investigation as they turn the ship and the crew's lives upside down in their hunt for the killer.

Latest News Items

» Roster Changes

Posted on Thursday October 13, 2016 @ 11:36pm by Captain Michael Hunt in Sim Announcement


As of next mission, Commander Pike will be the new XO. I've removed those who haven't even logged into the site in the past 6 months or longer. This opened up several key positions, such as Chiefs of:

Flight Control (Helm)
Security & Tactical

If you have any friends that enjoy RPG's, invite them over. I'll also be recruiting on my Facebook RPG Recruiting Group and anywhere else I can find.


Captain Michael Hunt
Commanding Officer
USS Shadow

» Roster Change

Posted on Monday July 11, 2016 @ 10:16pm by Captain Michael Hunt in General News

Due to the user not even logging in for about a year and a half I've downgraded Lt.Cmdr. Mike (M'i'kee) Winterlyn to NPC status for the duration of this episode. The post of Chief Helm Officer is open and the change can take place at the start of the next episode. Thanks.

In case you need to use the character, here is his BIO: Lt.Cmdr. Mike (M'i'kee) Winterlyn


Captain Michael Hunt
Commanding Officer
USS Shadow

» Season 2 - Episode 2

Posted on Monday October 5, 2015 @ 5:35pm by Captain Michael Hunt in General News

Greetings Crew,

We are now finally wrapping up S2-E1!!! Getting ready to start S2-E2, those of you that earned promotions, they will take effect starting this mission. Thanks to those that stuck through the difficult transition. It should be easier to keep the flow going since we don't have to NPC characters of players that left anymore. Commander Maxwell is XO. Lieutenant Commander Pike is Second Officer with his current position as Chief of Security/Tactical. Major Zylyn is joining the crew as Marine CO (played by me) as well as a couple new comers to this sim Dennis as Lieutenant Rob Williams and Charlotte aboard to play a minor role as Ensign Anastasia Michaels the Media Relations Officer in the Diplomatic Department. Give them a warm welcome!

The Plot for the next mission is: While Starfleet is stretched thin with the threat of a new war with the Klingon Empire who is trying to conquer the shattered remains of what was Romulan Star Empire along with the Orion Syndicate, Naussiccans and the Gorn. The Shadow has been sent to put out a brush fire and get a Cargo ship to honor it's deal and deliver a cargo that is in great need by a Federation colony. The Federation Cargo ships have started striking because Starfleet isn't guarding the Federation shipping lanes. The Shadow's orders is to get the ship to the colony by any means necessary. But will Captain Hunt and his crew have to abandon their morals to get the job done?

Find out by joining us to play "Morals".

Captain Michael Hunt
Commanding Officer
USS Shadow

» New Second Officer

Posted on Monday June 29, 2015 @ 5:23pm by Captain Michael Hunt in Sim Announcement

Greetings Crew,

I'd like to thank everyone that has expressed interest in the Second Officer position. I've selected the candidate I feel most qualified and that is Lieutenant Commander Joseph "Joe" Pike, Chief of Security/Tactical. Congrats Joe!

And thanks everyone for your attention. Lets get this mission rolling so we can progress to the next one.

Captain Michael Hunt
CO, USS Shadow

» Second Officer spot is open.

Posted on Tuesday June 2, 2015 @ 8:10pm by Captain Michael Hunt in General News

Greetings Crew,

Commander Maxwell will be the new XO starting on the next mission. This opens up the Second Officer spot for interested parties to apply. I'll choose the characters out of them who I feel his most suited for the job. To apply, PM me. Thanks.

Also the following Chief Positions will be open. So if you know someone you think would like them, send them my way. Where it states starting next mission, they can still join now as Assistant Chief until we complete this mission.

+ Chief Medical Officer (Starting Next Mission)
+ Chief Engineering Officer (Starting Next Mission)
+ Chief of Operations

Thank you. And congrats Commander Maxwell!

Captain Michael Hunt
CO, USS Shadow

Latest Mission Posts

» Command Restored

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Posted on Thursday July 20, 2017 @ 4:12pm by Captain Michael Hunt & Captain Odis Diggs

Captain Michael Hunt was in his quarters, reading a novel on a PADD with a glass of iced tea on the table to his side. It's been a while since he had enough time off to just read a book and he was going to make the most of the…

» Interrogation of Captain Hunt

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Posted on Thursday July 20, 2017 @ 3:34pm by Captain Michael Hunt & Lieutenant Jack Ash-tor & Lieutenant Commander Wite Tirro

Lieutenant Commander Wite Tirro had set up in Interrogation Room 1 to prepare and officially question the crew, starting with Captain Michael Hunt, A) Becuase he's the CO and needs to be eliminated as a suspect & B) He was nearest the crime scene at the time of death for…

» Arrival of a new Chief Engineer

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Posted on Monday July 17, 2017 @ 8:23am by Commander Joseph"Joe" Pike & Captain Michael Hunt & Lieutenant Tam Erron

The Bridge was quite as everyone was focused on their work while the lead SCIS Agent Odis Diggs sat in the Observer's seat in the center of the bridge. He was going over the new reports of the investigation after his meeting with the CMO who he made the Acting…

» Deanna's new Mate Part 2

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Posted on Wednesday July 5, 2017 @ 4:43pm by Lieutenant JG Deanna Stormer & Chief Warrant Officer Quantin Roberts

=/\= Ten forward =/\=

Deanna had just gotten off her shift as Operations feeling tired, so Deanna took the turbo lift to Ten-forward for a stiff drink. After she told the computer to send her to ten-forward, Deanna finally got into ten-forward and headed for the bar to get something…

» J.A.G

Mission: S3E1: SCIS
Posted on Thursday June 1, 2017 @ 9:42am by Captain Michael Hunt & Lieutenant Jack Ash-tor

Jack walks down the corridor to the captains quarters an area of the ship he had never ventured to before, there was not much difference in the layout or the appearance from the rest of the crew quarters on the ship. He pondered to himself had he exasperated the senior…

Latest Personal Logs

» Captain's Log, Stardate: 69112.3

Posted on Wednesday November 23, 2016 @ 7:35pm by Captain Michael Hunt

Captain Michael Hunt was standing at the window staring out into the stars, feeling down about how things turned out, guilty even. He sighed as he knew he needed to make a new log entry, "Computer, begin recording." The computer beeped to let him know it was recording.

"Captain's Log,…

» Anastasia comes aboard

Posted on Thursday June 18, 2015 @ 10:05am by Ensign Anastasia Michaels

Ensign Anastasia Michaels gets off the shuttle on the USS Shadow as their new Media Officer. She looks around at where she going to serve

» Feeling the Heat

Posted on Sunday May 25, 2014 @ 8:16pm by

Yoshi was sitting in her ready room after the staff briefing, thinking about what this mission will do, she knew what those pirates are capable of. She wondered if this was a trap, but she couldn't not respond to the distress call and it really be someone in trouble. Sighing…

» Ops Day

Posted on Friday February 28, 2014 @ 10:36pm by

/Log Begins

Didn't realise I'd be making another one of these so soon.
But then again many thing happen one expects the least eh.

/Log Paused
/Log Resumed

*sniff* To the subject of this log though. Happened to meet some of the people working in my department today. People worth…

» Fishing for Phish

Posted on Tuesday February 18, 2014 @ 12:32am by

/Log begins

Computer are you recording? Good.
Haven't made a personal log in...well, reckon it's been a while.

Being back aboard a ship where I have a higher risk of, not living, I reckoned I'd better start these things again.
Gods, I'm a listener, not a talker.

So, what should…