A Myriad of tales, strings pulling across time and space.

Welcome to the Task Force Equinox Wiki, your resource for all things related to the many fanfictions I have created – places, people, ships, units, stations, organizations and cultures. This is an open project to all members of TFE to use as a biography repository, mission archive and information source for either their own fanfictions or their own characters.

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Star Trek

  • Star Trek: Animus]] Not all members of Starfleet get to serve in the light, join the {{USS|Animus|NCC-1868}} as it serves the [[Office of Naval Intelligence]] in the Star Trek: Discovery era and beyond.
    **[[Star Trek: Augustus]] Follows the {{Class|New Orleans}} ”'{{USS|Augustus|NCC-57437}}”’ under [[Captain]] [[Rachel King]] during the [[Federation-Cardassian War]] and skirts around the first two seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

**[[Star Trek: Icarus]] Join the crew of the {{Class|Kennedy}} [[Starfighter Carrier]] ”'{{USS|Icarus|NCC-72159}}”’ as it serves in the [[Dominion War]] and into the uncertainty of the [[2380s]]

**[[Star Trek: Olympia]] Built during the [[Dominion War]], The {{Class|Akira}} ”'{{USS|Olympia|NCC-80857}}”’ takes the tentative steps into a new post war galaxy.

**[[Star Trek: Nautilus]] Picks up where the ”'{{USS|Icarus|NCC-72159}}”’ leaves off aboard the {{Class|Ronin}} ”'{{USS|Nautilus|NCC-853962}}”’. Follow [[Captain]] [[Tobias Renshaw]] into the [[Gamma Quadrant]] to deal with pirates, separatists and the ever looming threat of the [[Dominion]]

**[[Star Trek: Equinox]] Travels the full length of time and space aboard the {{Class|Premonition}} [[Timeship]] ”'{{USS|Equinox|NCV-853962}}”’ as it investigates changes to the timeline, and stops those who seek to benefit from it.

**[[Star Trek: Vanguard]] Long Live the Rebellion! Join the {{Class|Redemption}}, ”'{{ISS|Vanguard|NCC-75453}}”’ as they fight to overthrow the [[Klingon-Cardassian Alliance]]

**[[Star Trek: Minisodes]] Sometimes, a story develops from a single character, Minisodes are self-contained stories that usually follow a single, or a small group of characters.

**[[HALO Beyond Heavens Reach]]: Not every battle in the [[UNSC-Covenant War]] followed the [[John-117|Master Chief]], the ”'{{UNSC|Beyond Heavens Reach|FFG-957}}”’, a {{Class|Paris}} [[Frigate]], with the [[409th ODST Deathstalkers]] take the fight to [[Insurrectionists]] in the closing stages of the war.

**[[StarGate: Quantum]]: Join the [[Casseopia Expedition]] as they explore a brand new galaxy and deal with the [[Centurions (SGQ)|Centurions]]

*FullMetal Alchemist

**[[FullMetal Alchemist: The Shadow Alchemist]] Follow [[Colonel]] [[Azrael Gotha]] and the [[82nd Mounted Infantry Regiment]] as they try and rebuild following the [[Promised Day]]

*Gundam SEED

**[[Gundam SEED: Darkness Rising]] Follow the [[Crimson Harbingers]] as they deal with a new threat in the [[Heralds]] and those that dwell beyond the Sphere.
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